Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Link Love

This is a short and sweet article from MindBodyGreen called Don't Try Yoga Until You Understand These 3 Things

These are definitely things I'll pass onto any of my friends and family who are thinking about getting into a yoga practice... just a heads up!

Friday, 20 April 2012

This Too Will Pass...

This has been a bit of a crazy week. Last weekend, I had Teacher Training Weekend #8. There was a lot of introspective discussion and personal growth activities to help us to look inward at the direction of our lives. For some reason, I found this to be a particularly difficult weekend to handle, and all the self-discovery really made me quite emotional. On Monday at work, we got some terrible news about a friend of a co-worker. Also, our courier informed me that his cat (whom he has had for 15 years) was in surgery and things didn't look good for the outcome. These two things, combined with my emotional state left over from the weekend, made me feel very down. All of a sudden, a good friend of mine, and former co-worker, walked through the door for a surprise visit! That was all I needed to completely break down into tears. We ended up having a nice visit, but the first day of my week was mostly not a happy one.

The week ended up getting a bit better - my husband, brother-in-law and his wife came to my Tues night class at Live With Spirit, so it was great to have some happy support there with me. I had asked the class to send out some positive and healing energy to someone who they knew who might neeed it, and my sister-in-law later informed me that she had sent hers to me! I think it worked because by the end of the class, I felt very strong and grateful.

The rest of my week went quite a bit better. I taught my 2nd private class, had a nice visit with my Grandparents, picked up a new purse, and enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather.

For anyone wondering, the private class I began teaching last week went really well, and seems like a nice group of women. I think I'll enjoy watching their practice week after week.

Here's hoping this coming week is better than the last!

Namaste, ERIN

Monday, 9 April 2012

Nerves Abound

So, I have had many new opportunities come my way since I last posted. For one, I am now teaching on a regular basis at Live With Spirit in Brooklin. Let's call it Long-Term Temporary, since the original teacher is still off recovering from an injury. I have a small class there for a Core Power Class. I am desperately trying to put all of my education to work, but still find I have plenty of nerves accompanying me to class each week. I try to be prepared, to help ward off some of the nerves that come from the unknown of teaching a class. I still can't help but wonder each week how many (if any!) will show up to my class...

Secondly, I have been offered a chance to teach a private class at a corporate office in Whitby. I know zero details as of yet, except that it will be a one-hour Power Yoga Class... and they don't like "yoga" music! So, in preparation for this week's first class, I have spent a few hours tonight creating my class plan, and also a new playlist with some modern songs, which I really hope will help to keep the students motivated and energized. I feel pretty good about both, but only time will tell.

I have such a hard time with nerves, especially when taking on something new. I have also been struggling with a lot of negative self-talk lately and that really doesn't help the whole confidence issue! I have been trying to find some useful articles and quotes to help give me a push in a positive direction, so I will just keep on reading (and re-reading) those until my first new class on Wednesday night is over!

Wish me luck!